Customized productions


Do you have an idea for a new item, size or format that does not exist in the market? Our technicians will help you from the development of an idea, the design of a new item or the modification of a standard one, through to mass production. Everything with a fixed budget and according to the quantities and delivery time as previously agreed.


We offer you the possibility to personalize your pots and containers in an economical way by means of adhesive labels, making them more attractive and giving them an added value for their sale.

We work with labels with logos, bar codes, plant care tips or with your own custom design.

Our labels are highly durable due to their reinforced adhesive and are resistant to scratches, the sun and humidity.


Tone on tone? A touch of color? Get better presentation and greater visual impact.

The standard colors vary according to the series, between black, slate, clay, white and dark green, we also manufacture other colors on request and with short delivery times.

The range currently available consists of 21 shades.